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Birthdate:Sep 28, 1988
Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America
Taylor. 27. Non-binary queer (They/Them or He/Him.) I'm a bibliophile, feminist, autistic and a huge stoner who loves writing and nerdy stuff. I co-write the Lifetimes AU in the AT4W fandom.

3DS FRIEND CODE: 5129-0977-9651

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ace attorney, adventure time, aerosmith, airplane!, america, amy winehouse, animal crossing, atop the fourth wall, barenaked ladies, ben folds five, billy joel, bob dylan, bob's burgers, bridge of birds, bruce springsteen, buddy holly, cinema snob, comic books, comic strips, crosby stills & nash, drop dead gorgeous, ed edd n eddy, electric light orchestra, eliza rickman, elvis costello, game grumps, ghost trick, gone with the wind, gravity falls, hall & oates, hamilton, hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world, hetalia, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, hot shots: part deux, jacksepticeye, janis joplin, jonathan coulton, joni mitchell, kafka on the shore, led zeppelin, les miserables, m*a*s*h, madoka magica, magic: the gathering, markiplier, martin sexton, monty python and the holy grail, mother/earthbound, ninja sex party, nintendo, norwegian wood, over the garden wall, parks and recreation, phelous, pink martini, pokemon, powerpuff girls, princess bride, professor layton, radio dead air, reading, regular show, rent, rick and morty, ruthless people, sailor moon, sailor moon crystal, sonic the hedgehog, spoony experiment, squirrel nut zippers, star trek, starbomb, steven universe, tame impala, tears for fears, the 5th dimension, the beatles, the book thief, the carpenters, the doobie brothers, the giver, the mamas & the papas, the monkees, the naked gun, the office, the outsiders, the watsons go to birmingham, they might be giants, undertale, video game music, video games, weird al yankovic, welcome to night vale, whose line is it anyway, wicked, writing, yo-kai watch, yu-gi-oh
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